Walmoo loyalty in 1 minute

Why Walmoo?

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100% self-service

Walmoo is completely self-service from signing up to loyalty setup un statistic data export. Walmoo is flexible as an athlete – it can be used in many different ways, and all settings can be made through your company’s administration panel, without any additional programming.


Walmoo is very easy to use. No programming and no special skills needed. Just follow the tutoial and you are ready to create your own loyalty programme or marketing campaign.

Cost effective

We have figured out how to provide high quality and functional solution for very affordable price.


It’s platform. Platform means that it has different tools which you can use for creating your own custom loyalty program. There are 1000 different configuration options to choose from.


There are different solutions to choose from that fits you the best. Either you want to use your smartphone or your tablet. Either you want to use NFC tags or QR code or both. There is something for everyone.

Loyalty platform benefits:

Better relationship


Healthy communication is the basis of good relationship, so we have focused on this – with Walmoo it is possible to communicate with the customer, rather than just say something.

Less expenses

Save money

Reduce expenses on printed materials, plastic card maintenance, time spent for campaigns and finally programming.

Chance to identify

Recognize Individual

We help companies to identify their customers and for customers identify the company. Last but not least so that it would be possible without the effort and anywhere in the world.

Cooperation opportunities


With Walmoo you can quickly and easily create common campaign with any other company. All the necessary settings, of course, you can make yourself through your administration panel.

Short implementation period

Fast launch

We have thoroughly thought towards implementation in your company so that it would be quick and easy in any performance. We understand that time is money.

Self-service environment


Walmoo is flexible as athlete – it can be used in many different ways, and all settings can be made through your company’s administration panel, without any additional programming.

Enable / Disable any time


To get started, you do not require large investments, as well as if you want to stop using platform or change amount of terminals or departments, then this can be done at any time, because there are no long-term contracts and commitments.

Continuous improvements

Updates & support

We are developing more and more new upgrades and functionality for Walmoo platform and you will not have to pay for that extra.

There are 3 different solutions:

Android app


A smartphone or tablet with Walmoo mobile application is all you need to get started.

PC or laptop


If you have access to a computer, it is possible to use this solution, in package with NFC reader.

“Embedded” B-box


This option is designed for custom solutions and in connection with cash registers.

If you choose Android solution:

  • Follow 4 step configuration wizard
  • That’s it!

Download Walmoo – Loyalty mPOS and start your loyalty program today:

GooglePlay Walmoo Wallet

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Walmoo platform can be used in various other situations:


– As a identification of the club members

– As a student / pupil identification

– As a identification of event participants

– As a membership identification

– As a identification for marketing activities

– As a identification for online services

– And much more

Do you have an existing loyalty program working?

Then contact us to find out how we can improve customer experience of your existing loyalty program with our “Plug & Play” solution for connection with cash registers and collaboration functionality.