Simple loyalty solution for small business loyalty programs Walmoo

Walmoo helps you to:

Get Know Customer

Identify your customers & track visits

Engage and motivate more frequent visits

Reward loyal customers with ease

All your business needs is a smartphone and 3 minutes:

Install Walmoo mLoyalty

Googleplay Walmoo mTerminal

Register, login & click:

Walmoo mTerminal scan QR

Scan this QR code

John Smith QR ID

Meet John Smith

Welcome John Smith

If you have less than 50 visitors a month – it’s free forever!

How will you reward your loyal customers?

Reward Programs

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Choose multi-tiers, coupons, punch cards, cashback to help you retain customers and build your relationship.

Two-tier Rewards Programs


Connect multiple merchants to a shared reward program like “Visit us 5 times and get a special offer at our partner store”.

Gift Card Programs


Ditch those outdated paper certificates and get a customized, simple gift card program.

Speedy couponing


Create custom rules to reward anyone in the physical world & online. Launch quick marketing campaigns with ease.

Why Walmoo?

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100% self-service

Walmoo is available in completely 100% self-service environment. Register your business account, configure rewards, add new stores, add new terminals, create new and edit existing customer profiles, view reports, export data on your own.

0 programming

No programming and no special skills needed. All you need for business is an Android smartphone and Walmoo mTerminal app to launch your customer loyalty program in minutes.

Pay as you use

We have figured out how to provide high quality and functional solution for very affordable price. First 50 unique customer visits each month always completely free and afterwards pay only for what you have used. More about pricing on our Pricing page.

White label / Branded

We ARE NOT some loyalty program network where you join as a small part of it and compete will all other businesses who are in the network. Walmoo helps you to launch your own individual / personalized customer reward program which is just for you and your customers with an option to build your own network if you like with chosen partners.

No need for customer cards

You won’t need to spend money on plastic customers cards if you don’t want to. Customers now can use almost any NFC (Contactless) or barcode/QR code card they might have in their wallets already. Just scan the card with Walmoo mTerminal mobile app and create new customer profile linked to that card.

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*Ski resorts, Golf clubs, Coffee shops, Cafeterias, Restaurants, Paintball venues, Beauty salons, Fishing equipment store, Event agencies etc.

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