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Partner FAQs

You still have questions about our Partner Program?  We have answers

What is Walmoo?

Walmoo is loyalty program solution with no necessary set up costs and a pay-as-you-use pricing model.  At Walmoo we realised that brick and mortar retailers, especially independent businesses, need an accessible, modern loyalty solution that can deliver customer reward programs leveraging  today’s technological possibilities. And preferably without having to set up an expensive POS system or commit to running costs or subscriptions which can be prohibitive for SMEs.  Our customer loyalty system is designed as a SaaS loyalty program which means it can be easily implemented within minutes by anyone. All you need an NFC reader (present in 80% of all Android mobiles) and all your customer needs is an existing NFC card or tag, such as a contactless bank card, transport card, or loyalty tag.

Partner Program Options

What types of Partnerships does Walmoo offer?

At Walmoo we offer a umber of different types of Partnerships to address all your needs: Affiliate or Certified (with Bronze, Silver, and Gold Tiers). If you merely want to refer Walmoo vie your blog, network, or during the normal course of  your business  you are best suited to be our affiliate partner, with no further commitment and sharing in a small part of our revenue. Certified partners are fully trained by Walmoo and authorised to handle set ups and consultations on our behalf, charge for these and earn a higher share of revenue. The share of revenue increases proportionally with the amount of sales. Please see our partner policies for more details on this. We also offer the possibly to sell our loyalty-as-a-solution platform under your own name, with our white label options. 

What if I am happy to recommend Walmoo but don't want to have to spend time selling?

An affiliate partnership sound just right for you.  All you need to do is register at [URL] and you will receive your bespoke Walmoo sign up URL. Give this to anyone you recommend Walmoo to and we will immediately know we have to you to thank. You don’t need to do anything more than that – we take care of the rest. You can even embed the link of a blog or emails, up to you.

If you decide you want to invest more time into Walmoo later on, becoming a certified partner allows you to earn a significantly higher percentage of revenue.

Why should I get certified?

We obviously want to ensure that anyone selling and setting up Walmoo reward programs knows their stuff.  Whilst we do charge for certification, once you are a certified Walmoo partner you will not only be earning a higher share of the sales revenue you will also be able to charge for any other serves delivered on behalf of Walmoo such as set up and consultations. We will also list you on our website as certified, meaning that potential customers can  fully trust your expertise when reaching out to you. We are also happy to discuss exclusivity deals with our certified partners.

How can clients verify that I am certified?

Certified partners will be listed on the website. In the case of exclusivity arrangements, regional responsibilities will be clearly indicated. You have the right to indicate that you are a certified partner on any promotional material you may use for your business.

Can I use Walmoo with my own brand name?

Absolutely. We offer white label options both for the use of Walmoo in your stores as a rebranded loyalty program or if you would like to sell Walmoo to retailers under you existing brand name. Walmoo is designed to be able to function as a BaaS (Backend as a Solution) so you can implement a loyalty platform. Do get in touch and we can discuss your needs further.

Does Walmoo offer exclusivity deals?

Yes. We are happy to offer exclusivity for regions or sectors to all our certified resellers on a trial basis. However we do expect our Partners to hit mutually agreed target with in the initial period of one year to continue this exclusivity.  Get in touch now to discuss with us what areas you might be interested in.

Costs and Payments

How much does Walmoo cost?

At Walmoo we don’t charge you to be out Partner, we share with you! However we do charge you if you require a rebrand for our customer loyalty program and for the certification process. How much revenue  you will earn through Walmoo will depend on your sales, with the share increasing the more you share. Please see our partner policies  for details. If you are a retailer looking to set up a reward program please see here for prices

How do payments work for Walmoo Partners

It’s really simple: For our Partners selling under the Walmoo brand, we collect the revenue from the retailers. We’ll calculate your share of that revenue and transfer it on a monthly basis ( unless it is less than EUR10, in which case we will roll over the amounts every months until it is EUR10 or more). You can track the amount you are entitled to in our portal which lists the revenue share you have earned.

If you are a White Label Partner then we will expect you to collect the revenue from your retailer clients , and we will invoice you each month depending on the amount earner and the percentage share we have agreed.


Who owns the data?

You can find more information on how we handle data in  our Partner Policy [URL].

But in short – the data will owned by Walmoo but we commit holding this data in confidence and not use it for any purpose except those that can be expected in the course of our business and to support our customers. We will never publish identifiable data without consent.

Data ownership may differ for White label partners, depending on the specific agreement.

Where is the data stored

We currently host our Walmoo application, and with it any data relating to it, on the Digital Oceans cloud hosting service .

Selling Walmoo

This sounds great! How do I get started?

The first step to becoming a Walmoo parter is having a quick talk with us to understand your needs.

For affiliate partners all you really need to do is register and use your bespoke url to promote Walmoo through your network and can start more or less immediately

If you are interest in becomes a certified partner then there is a training program involved. How long this takes depends on how much time you can commit to the program. If you can commit full time it should not take more than a couple of days.

For white label partner you will need to factor the time required for the rebrand. Apart form that the same time requirements apply as for certified partners.

Contacts us now at and we can have you up and running in now time!

Are there any restrictions on sales?

Nothing beyond the usual. We do expect our partners to respect the Partner policy and refrain from any unethical behaviour.We will also require you to respect exclusivity agreement with other Partners, of which you will be informed. We reserve the right to terminate a relationship if we believe a Partner’s behaviour is damaging to Walmoo’s  business, brand or other client relationships.

How do I track my sales?

It’s simple. You log in to the Walmoo portal and under the partners section you will be able to see how much revenue you have earned this months and see progress compared to the last.

I'm stuck. My client has a problem and I don't know the answer.

Although we believe that our training required for certified partners ensures appropriate knowledge to take care of customer relations independently we understand that something things come up where this is not the case.

You can find more information and support in our partners forum and in our documentation.

If you are still unsure, certified partners can contact Walmoo to resolve any issues that are not covered in the materials provided.

What if I no longer want to be a Partner? Will my clients lose access?

No. This will not affect users of Walmoo. They will continue to be able to use the service as before. You will remain entitled to a share of revenue from your accounts indefinitely unless you notify us otherwise.

There is an exception for white label aggreement. As the a white label partner is responsible for transferring fund for usage to Walmoo, a failure to do so may result in us deciding to terminate the relevant client accounts. Should a white label partner cease to operate (without any money owed to Walmoo ) their retailer client profiles may be transferred to Walmoo’s own brand if desired.


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