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Join Walmoo partner program and be part of the loyalty professionals community!

At Walmoo we want independent business to succeed – and we believe working together is the way to do this!


Empower Your Retail Clients

Your business clients will be able to achieve things they coudn’t before Walmoo and you will be able to help to make more loyal customers to your business clients.


Differentiate yourself from your Competition

You will have unique and innovative tool that will make you stand out from others as a service/solution provider. Best price / performance out there!


Expand Your Service Offerings

You will have another great tool / service to offer. That will make you much more flexible and cover wider range of services.


Generate New Revenue Stream

As your partner, we will share our revenue with you, forever. Charge consulting, implementation and after-sales support as you like.

Whether you’re a

…small business expert, a freelancer, blogger, or advisor…
…an Agency working with retail business…
…or custom solution provider / developer
we have a partner program for you! Offer your clients the best innovative and custom built loyalty solution while generating additional revenue for your business.
partner program affiliate

Affiliate Partner

As an affiliate partner you will earn revenue from any clients referred to us, be it other business you are friendly with, through a blog, or through your existing business network.



Extend your service offering to your clients by adding Walmoo into the mix. You will be responsible for set up and maintenance and will  remain the first point of call for your clients. You’ll have access to our training materials to help you through.


Certified Partner

Welcome to the Walmoo family! After completing certification you will be fully equipped to set up and look after your Walmoo clients using completely independently – and will share in the revenue accordingly. Because we know that we can be proud of the service of anyone who has completed our certification, we’ll happily give you exclusivity in your region. So any customer who will be contacting us from your region will be forwarded to you.

You’d prefer to integrate Walmoo into you existing offering completely ? No problem! Talk to us about suitable rebranding / white label option.

We’re confident that what every type of partnership you go for will offers great value to you as well as your clients.

Let’s succeed together! Set up some time with us now:

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