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Partner Policies


Version Date: November 15, 2016.

These Program Policies are current as of the Version Date set forth above and shall remain in effect to govern activities described herein until or unless they are superseded at this same URL by a more current version with a later Version Date. Walmoo may update or modify these Program Policies in its sole discretion, with or without notice to Partners. The policies apply equally where Walmoo technology is being sold and used under another branding (in which case Walmoo remains the exclusive owner of its own name, logo(s), trademarks, URLs, and other intellectual property- including software and copyrights)

Partner Program Overview

To enrol in the Walmoo Partner Program, the Partner completes the Partner Enrolment Form. When Walmoo confirms that a Partner may participate in the Partner Program for the current Year, the Partner becomes eligible to receive the the Benefits applicable to its assigned Partner Tier. Each partner must meet the qualifications described and/or referenced in these policies applicable to the program and to the relevant tier. In order to continue to participate in the program during a year, a Partner must continue to meet the these qualifications throughout. If at any time a Partner fails to meet the participation qualifications for the program and/or Tier, Walmoo may re-assign the partner to a different tier or terminate the relationship. Walmoo’s fiscal year runs according to the calendar year.

There are four Partner Tiers in the Program:

TIER Certification required Min Sales/ Month, EUR Revenue Share, %
Basic No n/a 10
Bronze Yes n/a 15
Silver Yes 1000 20
Gold Yes 5000 25


Partners who have yet to undergo certification may join as Basic Partners whilst pursuing their certification. Qualification for a tier will be calculated on a monthly basis. To qualify for the rewards of Bronze, Silver, or Gold in a given quarter the Partner would have to have been certified at the start of the month quarter and achieved the relevant number of Sales by the end of the month.

Partner resources are available to help all partners succeed with Walmoo. They are designed to support each partner’s employees’ readiness and effectiveness in their roles.


Walmoo will be solely responsible for billing all end-customer and collecting payment, unless agreed otherwise (such as for white label agreements).  

Walmoo will pay the share of the revenue owed to the partner, and  provide a summary report detailing the amount calculated. If either party determines an error was made in the calculation of payment, each party agrees to work diligently and in good faith to establish, and if established, resolve, the error to ensure the correct payment can be made.  If a payment is made in error Walmoo will be entitled to have this money returned.

To be eligible for payment of shared revenue, a Partner must have qualified for at least EUR10.00 (or its equivalent in the transaction currency) in revenue in that particular month. If they have not, the amount will be rolled over to the next month until the revenue due is EUR10 or above.

Payments will be made within forty-five (45) days of the month-end for the applicable month, via credit card payments, paypall or an equivalent  and mutually acceptable means of payment.

Restrictions on Sales

Walmoo will reject any and all sales submitted by a partner if the partner is an employee of the prospective end-customer.

Walmoo expects its partners to respect any exclusivity agreements in place with other partners. Failure to do so may entail a termination of the relationship.

When selling under the Walmoo name, partners are barred from passing on the revenue share to the end customer and must respect the existing Walmoo pricing. When selling under a different brand other arrangements can be mutually agreed.

A Partner is only eligible for this revenue share if the customer sets up on the specified Partner URL. Walmoo can not be held responsible for retrospectively acknowledging a Partners involvement in the sale. Only Partners recognised Partners in Good Standing will have access to this URL.

Walmoo strictly prohibits partners from selling its product using illegal, unethical, or

improper means. In particular, Walmoo prohibits bribery. Partners may not promise, give, offer, or authorize the provision of money or anything of value to anyone to improperly influence the award or retention of business.

Walmoo reserves the right to remove certification and access to the Partner programs to Partners who are not in good standing or whose conduct negatively impacts the reputation of the business. There will be no refund of certification fees and Walmoo is not responsible for any cost incurred during the course of a Partner’s business, including the sale of Walmopos products.


By using the Walmoo Service you consent to our collection, use, and disclosure of your data as detailed below.  By user we refer to any past, current, or future user of the Walmoo platform.

Collection of data is in the nature of Walmoo’s business. This data includes the data collected from end-customers and used by merchants, the data of the merchant and their business. The data of resellers and their customers. We commit to holding this data in confidence and not use it for any purpose except those that can be expected in the course of our business and to support our customers.  Individual identifiable data will never be made public. We expect the same conduct from any of partner of merchant we work with. Aggregate, anonymous data may be used for further insight and published. All data is held on our servers hosted by Digital Ocean Inc. Walmoo is committed to all reasonable efforts to secure network communications and our sites, but we cannot guarantee that the information submitted to, maintained on, or transmitted from our systems will be completely secure.

Partner relationships are central to the way Walmoo works.  Generally data will only be shared with partners through whom a user entered into a relationship with Walmoo, not others. This could be the merchant for an end-customer, or one of our reseller partners for our merchants. However we may disclose information collected from a customer to one or more trusted partners for the purpose of such partners collaborating in the use of Walmoo to provide complementary or value-add services  (e.g. cross-promotions). In all cases we expect our trusted partner hold this information in confidence, and not use it for any purpose except for as would be expected in the normal use of the Walmoo. For merchants this would be improving their business based not he data insights and  rewarding and encouraging loyal customers and improving; for reseller partners for the purpose of carrying out the services they provide on behalf for Walmoo.  We reserve the right to terminate our relationship with you should we have reason to believe your are not respecting these privacy requirements.

Walmoo may also disclose aggregate, anonymous data based on information collected from customers. In the case of a sale of Walmoo such data may be  sold alongside other assets of the business. In the event of any significant changes to our data policy we would notify you via the website and email.

We may contact users of Walmoo to communicate information one new services or updates to our policy via the email addresses we hold on our system.  We endeavour to only reach out to end-users with the consent of the relevant merchant and reseller.  In addition to any information you convey in emails to us, we may also receive a confirmation when you open an email from us. We collect and use this information to improve our customer service. We may also automatically record your IP address in the normal operation of our site.  We do not use the IP address to identify you. However we do record information of your interaction with the site to monitor and improve our site and to track demographic aggregate information.

You should be aware that any personal, identifiable data that you may choose to publish on the Walmoo site, such as the blog, comments, discussion forums or even reviews may be seen and used by others as well as being potentially found through search engines. Walmoo can not take responsibility for data disclosed in such a manner.  If you would like to remove any such information please contact us at

Our Sites may also third party features, such as the Facebook® or Twitter® button and other mini-programs.They may collect your IP address, which page you are visiting on our site, and may set a cookie. These features or widgets are either hosted by a third party or hosted directly on our Site. These widgets do not store your personally identifiable information. Your interactions with these Features are governed by the privacy statement of the company providing the Feature or widget.

Any third party sites referenced by Walmoo do not fall under our privacy rules and we can not take responsibility for their content nor their handling of data.