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Guntis Coders CEO Walmoo

It all started 5 years ago with the desire to make everyday shopping more comfortable and help small business build loyal customer bases.

Guntis Coders, Co-founder and CEO.

A while ago we started wondering – it would be great if there would be a Google/Facebook online pass type authorization system in Physical World – it would make things so much easier. We could identify (Sign-Up & Sign-in) ourselves in our favorite services and places with a single profile. So we started to look for a solution out there but there wasn’t any.

So there it was – the beginning of Walmoo


At the beginning the main goal was to improve the field of loyalty programs, because everyone hates carrying around dozens of plastic cards, stamps and coupons. We thought we could try to merge all the existing and future loyalty cards in 1 app or 1 NFC card which could be used all around the shops and for business to have simple ‘standalone’ solution that could be used right away and without a need of any integrations / programming.

The revelation

However, after 1.5 years of development, more than 100 meetings with business owners and their feedbacks and recommendations, we understood that it’s not enough and we have to take Walmoo to a whole new level  because the merging all-in-1 thing won’t work.

The evolution


We continued developing a unique service never seen before that will allow businesses to create and deliver their custom customer loyalty programs super easy, fast and cost effective keeping in mind that we want to help customers to be able to use 1 profile everywhere without forcing to use 1 specific app or card.

We have come up with innovative solutions that fits for those who don’t have their digital loyalty program and for those who do have their existing loyalty program. Instead of trying to merge all-in-1 we connect them, providing SaaS and BaaS (Backend as a Service)

What does it mean?

It means that every business can keep being seperate and provide their custom branded loyalty program and on top of that they are having a chance to use the Walmoo connecting service. It allows to identify customers with different type of NFC tags (For example custom designed business loyalty cards, contactless credit cards, public transport cards or any other existing NFC contactless tag) and mobile apps (any app which has been tought to generate unique Walmoo QR code).

Now after 4 years of our unique platform’s development, feedback from more than 200 business owners from more than 30 countries we know that we are on the right path.

Walmoo Platform for small and medium business has been built by these simple but very important rules:

    • Self-service – so we aren’t the ones who hinder the development of new services and customers are able to configure everything themselves from day 1.
    • Simple – there are a lot of loyalty systems out there that promise to make your life easier but to implement and learn them it takes ages and a fortune. So we decided not to go that way – we want to provide super easy to configure and implement solution.
    • Cost-effective – As more complex it gets, as more expensive it gets. We believe that there are a lot of businesses who can benefit from simple loyalty programs and not spending fortune on them. We came up with the business model which helps us to provide multi functional service for much less money.
    • Flexible – We know that world goes forward and there will be many different additional services and functionality business would like to add so we have built it super flexible and easy to integrate with very small limitations.
    • Honest – We are building something that we are proud of and we don’t want to be shamed of. One of the things we don’t want to be shamed of is asking money for great service so we are asking only for as much as we provide. There are other services that are limiting amount of business users, terminals or stores although it doesn’t make a difference from technical side and doesn’t make it more expensive to maintain. We do charge only for unique visitors we have helped to serve.
    • Democratic – We are building Walmoo so that it does provide more new opportunities to very many people out there. We aren’t trying to be the ones who do gather all the data at one place and are the only ones who control it. It’s built so that anyone can access, edit, adjust, upgrade, integrate and do whatever they want with existing apps. BTW: to prove that we care all our apps will be provided as open source very soon.

Walmoo Loyalty-as-a-Service solution is powered by our universal Engagement and Customer Identification platform. Using our unique self-service development platform we are able to develop and help other developers effective to deliver solutions that meet their budget and schedule.

Walmoo development platform can be very useful for delivering:

Loyalty programs

Coalition loyalty programs

Marketing campaigns

Cashless payments

Interactive events

IoT solutions

Interactive tradeshows

Outdoor advertising

Job site check-in system

Customer / visitor / participant / member identification


and much more!

Either you are IT solution provider, solution reseller, creative / event agency, you have existing service which functionality you would like to expand or just a person who wants to create something new and exciting please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.