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About Walmoo

Walmoo aims to help small and medium retail businesses (SMEs) to grow and improve relationships with their customers by running smart loyalty program. The customers will be able to check-in and receive rewards from places they love to visit with absolute ease.
Walmoo is the very first Loyalty-as-a-service solution that allows businesses to implement a customizable, simple to use and affordable loyalty program in minutes, leveraging NFC / QR technologies that are accessible through 100% self-service which means that the business is in full control of their customer loyalty program from day one.

The Walmoo solution consists of Android and/or Web based terminal apps and a web based administration panel for businesses. For customer identification there are a few options to choose from i.e. an NFC card or tag or printed or digitally stored QR code. Another unique thing about Walmoo is that it’s the very first solution which allows for businesses either to provide their own custom NFC loyalty card or use ANY contactless bank card, transport card or loyalty tags their customers may have already in their wallets! They just register their existing NFC tag by swiping next to the Walmoo terminal and start using it as a loyalty card. So in the cities where there is a contactless card for public transport, like Oyster in London, people can use the same card in stores as their loyalty card. Walmoo will work for multiple business. The idea is to have all small business in an area using Walmoo for their customer loyalty. That way, it is only one QR code or card for the customer to use, and it builds support among small businesses in the area.

Walmoo solution’s flat Pay-as-you-Use pricing model offers the perfect way to keep it affordable, regardless of the business size, as it adjusts the needs. The forever free (each month’s first 50 visitors) plan without functional limitations is a great deal for very small businesses and for testing the solution without trial time limitations.


Name: Walmoo

Founded: 2013. gads

Address: Petersalas street 4-6, Riga, LV1045, Latvia

Founders: Guntis Coders, Kriss Pujats

External investments : 145 000 EUR

Team: 7 people

Registered business customers (on 01.2017): 1100

Average daily transactions processed (on 01.2017): 30 000

Walmoo mTerminal Android mobila application for business installs (on 01.2017): 3600

Type fo business using Walmoo loyalty solution (on 01.2017): Ski resorts, restaurants, cafes, laser tag venues, SPA salons, car clubs, fishing accessories shops, events

Countries where Walmoo partners are operating (on 01.2017): Latvia, Greece, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Guana, Slovakia, China

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Walmoo loyalty solution android mobile application Walmoo loyalty solution android mobile application Walmoo loyalty solution android mobile application
Walmoo loyalty solution android mobile application Walmoo loyalty solution android mobile application Walmoo loyalty solution android mobile application
Walmoo loyalty solution admin panel Walmoo loyalty solution admin panel transactions Walmoo loyalty platform admin panel cashback

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Walmoo retail loyalty solution Walmoo loyalty solution Android Walmoo loyalty solution bar
Walmoo loyalty solution NFC tags Walmoo restaurant loyalty solution Walmoo loyalty solution restaurant


Guntis Coders

Co-founder and CEO

Kriss Pujats

Co-founder and CTO