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How Walmoo loyalty system works

3 parts included

Walmoo loyalty platform administration panel small 200x200

Administration Panel

Web application (, where you can configure all shop, loyalty, discount, customer settings and view customer and activity statistics.

Walmoo mTerminal Android mobile application small

Mobile application

Android mobile app (Walmoo – mTerminal), with which you can identify customers, register new customers, register transactions / activities, view and redeem bonuses & discounts and much more.

Customer with ID NFC QR 200x200


Customers, who have either your custom design NFC or QR code card either they can register any existing NFC or Barcode card they might have in their wallet and use as a loyalty card in your business.

Magic begins here

Walmoo mTerminal customer identification NFC QR code

1. Customer identification

Walmoo mTerminal mobile application can read unique ID from both *NFC (Near Field Communication) contactless chip (card), and QR code to identify the customer.

*NFC technology – This technology is used widely all arount the World. Mostly know and used in public transports. For example, in London public transport Quaster travel card. These cards can be read by most of the Android smartphones.

Walmoo mTerminal customer status sidebar 300x300

2. Customers and their bonuses

After reading unique ID app does provide info about the customer and bonuses available. It’s possible to redeem available coupons/stamps to get discounts in this purchase. Then input the amount.

Walmoo mTerminal discount summary overview 300x300

3. Discount calculations

Walmoo mTerminal does calculate the discount which must be applied depending on bonuses selected and input amount. (Discount level, coupons, sticker’s packages, deposit)

Walmoo mTerminal transaction complete 300x300

4. Ready!

After confirming the transaction it’s saved on secure servers and is available online straight away for business and customer. Then it starts from the beginning.

Example of how simple is purchase registration.

Is that all we got?

Of course not! Admin Panel, Walmoo mTerminal and other solutions can do much more!

Walmoo mTerminal modes payment points time check-in screen

Change modes

Choose Payments, Points, Time, Check-in, Reg-card modes, to adjust to your needs.

Walmoo mTerminal cutomer profile

Customer profile

View and edit customer profile information, change level, top-up deposit, add comment.

Walmoo mTerminal link card new existing cutomer

Register customers

Create new profiles for customers, link NFC card to existing profile, link customer to your business.

Walmoo mTerminal coupon view

And much more

Actually Walmoo mTerminal have another tricks in pocket and it can do much more useful things. But that’s for antoher time.

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