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How does Walmoo work

There are 3 touch points:

Walmoo loyalty platform administration panel small 200x200

Business Portal

CRM web application (, where you can configure shop/venue/event, terminal, reward program settings and view customer’s profiles and activity/transaction statistics.

Walmoo mTerminal Android mobile application small

Mobile application

Android mobile app (Walmoo – mLoyalty), with which you can identify customers, register transaction/activity, add and redeem coupons & discounts and much more.

Customer with ID NFC QR 200x200


Customers, who have their online profile and NFC or QR code linked to that profile. They are using it to their profile and bonuses available.

Magic begins here

Walmoo mTerminal customer identification NFC QR code

1. Customer identification

Walmoo mLoyalty mobile application can identify the customer’s profile using *NFC (Near Field Communication) tag or QR code.

Walmoo mTerminal customer status sidebar 300x300

2. Customers and their bonuses

After scanning customer’s ID the Walmoo mLoyalty app requests from the server and does provide info about the customer’s profile and their bonuses. It’s possible to redeem available coupons/stamps to get discounts on this purchase.

Walmoo mTerminal transaction complete 300x300

3. Ready!

After confirmation, mobile app registers the transaction/activity, stores it on our secure servers and the data is available online straight away.

Examples of different uses cases:

Stamp reward

Register check-in

Redeem bonus mode

Collaborate – check-in / redeem

Spend deposit / gift card

Edit customer profile

Is that all we got?

Of course not! There is a lot more!

Walmoo mTerminal modes payment points time check-in screen

Change modes

Choose Payments, Points, Time, Check-in, Feedback, Quick payments modes, to adjust to your needs.

Walmoo mTerminal cutomer profile

Customer profile

View and edit customer profile information, change discount level, top-up deposit, add a coupon.

Walmoo mTerminal link card new existing cutomer

Register customers

Create new profiles for customers, link customer card to existing profile, link customer to your business.

Walmoo mTerminal coupon view

And much more

Actually, Walmoo mLoyalty app has some other tricks in the pocket. That’s if you like some advanced stuff. Ask us more.

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