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Educational incentive program for students

Are you an educational institute that wants to encourage students to achieve more? Walmoo is your perfect solution. We offer student rewards programs to educational institutions such as schools and tutoring & learning centers. Motivate your students and boost your reputation. It’s no secret that getting students excited about learning can be a challenge. Our student rewards program will give them the push they need to want to learn and do well. Students that achieve better results will make your institution favored by parents that want their children to have the best opportunities later in life.

How would you use Walmoo loyalty solution to benefit your convenience store business?

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  • Reward students with points for passing tests or doing well on assignments
  • You can create an all-in-one card that acts as a point collection tool, a reloadable cash card for the cafeteria, and a student ID
  • Utilize the student cards as a sign-in tool to track attendance, or notify parents when the student arrives
  • Students can check their balance at any time online
The options are endless… Tell us how you want to create your own program or allow our experts to develop a custom solution just for you. Contact Us today to learn more about how a student rewards program can benefit your educational institution.

We’re confident that what ever type of solution you go for we can offer a great value to you as well as your students.

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