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Loyalty program for Jewellery store

Are you a Jewellery store that truly wants to practice customer retention but doesn’t want to spend the majority of your marketing budget on a loyalty program? Walmoo is your perfect solution. Empower your business and get an edge over the competition with your own loyalty program. Loyal customers visit more frequently and spend more money. Walmoo is an affordable customer retention program that’s customized for your business. Increase traffic, spending, and word of mouth with a rewards program for your customers. Plus, start tracking your visitor activity to pin-point your most loyal customers, how often they’re visiting, and what motivates them.

How would you use Walmoo loyalty solution to benefit your Jewellery store business?

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  • Reward customers with points to use towards products on their next visit
  • Encourage repeat visits such as “For every 200EUR spent, get free engraving coupon”
  • Utilize promotional incentives such as special coupon on birthday
  • Use cashback to motivate customers come back to spend earned deposit
  • Segment your customers with different tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold) so you can treat the most loyal
The options are endless… Tell us how you want to create your own program or allow our loyalty marketing experts to develop a custom solution just for you. Contact Us today to learn more about how a loyalty program can benefit you!

We’re confident that what ever type of loyalty program you go for we can offer a great value to you as well as your customers.

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